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ice is one of the major crops that is exported and imported around the world. India, one of the world’s largest exporters of rice has an extensive variety of basmati and non-basmati rice.

One of the popular variants being Parboiled non-basmati rice; is soaked, steamed, and dried in its husk after harvest but before milling. The process turns the rice light yellow rather than white. 

There are several parboiled non-basmati and white rice 100% broken suppliers in India who export rice to different parts of the world. But without the right information buying rice can be more expensive than necessary. Many rice buyers often lose on good deals and receive substandard quality owing to the lack of correct data, a lot of these losses could have been avoided with the right information. In this article, we’ll be sharing some vital information about the rice industry, how to trade online, and provide you a list of trusted rice suppliers in India.

If you are looking for an Indian rice supplier that can give you high-quality non-basmati rice, please check the following list of trusted rice exporters. These wholesale rice suppliers can help you get the best non-basmati rice prices in the market. 

Top 10 Rice Suppliers in India                                                                   Request for Quotation

 1. ITC

 ITC is one of India’s largest integrated agribusiness enterprises with a significant presence across every node of the agri value chain.

 2. Gautam General Trading

76 years of experience in rice trading with 1000+ customers in 50+ countries served by 300+ employees. Gautam Group offers an extensive range of Basmati and Non-Basmati Rice.

3. KLA Foods India Limited

KLA started its journey with the rice export business and diversified into different sectors from sourcing to packaging and delivery. KLA’s entire production process is geared to ensure quality and complete customer satisfaction. 

4. Aashirvad International

Aashirvad International, rice exporting company along with a world-class rice processing plant, has gone past numerous milestones from becoming a global food giant and now venturing to reach greater heights by spreading Special Authentic Taste of INDIA. 

5. Shriram Food Industry Pvt. Ltd.

A reckoned manufacturer and exporter of Rice, Shriram are vehemently sought after in the market for their quality, variety, proper packaging, and cost-effective prices of Parboiled Rice and other rice varieties. 

6. Sridhar Agro Product P Ltd

Sridhar Agro has experienced professionals dealing in food grains and cereals with a major focus on non-basmati rice. 

7. Safe Agritrade Pvt Ltd.

A sister concern of Safechem Industries is a processing cum trading house that is providing procurement solutions to the international rice buyers.

8. Paytm Wholesale Commerce Pvt. Ltd

India’s largest mobile e-commerce and banking platform. Their sister company Fast Forward Exports primarily export products from India such as basmati rice, non-basmati rice and other agricultural products in wholesale.

9. Hari Shellac Industries

Hari Shellac caters to a large domestic and international market for both white and parboiled rice. Their rice mill is one of the oldest plants in India dating back to 1964 and over the years optimized to serve the current industry needs.

10. Sri Sainath Industry Pvt. Ltd

A Three Star export house awarded by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry with ISO 900I:2008 certified company by ICRI. A well-established manufacturer and exporter of Indian non-basmati rice.

Top Rice Exporting Countries 

India is the largest exporter of rice around the world with a total of 11,665,624.87/MTS as of the year 2018 – 2019 (in all variants of rice) followed by Thailand, Vietnam, and Pakistan. 

Asian Continents are the top rice exporting countries because of their rich soil and climatic conditions optimum for growing rice.

Indian Rice is preferred for its taste, aroma, and price all over the world. India’s top non-basmati rice variants are Swarna Rice, IR 64 Parboiled Rice, IR 36 Parboiled RiceWhite Rice, and Sona Masoori Rice. There are also regional names of rice followed in India, we have selected the most commonly used names of rice which are exported from India to different countries.

Thai 100% Sortexed Long Grain Parboiled Rice, Thai 100% Sortexed  White Rice and Thailand Jasmine Rice are the three most common rice varieties exported from Thailand. Vietnam’s top variants include Vietnam White Rice, Vietnam Jasmine Rice, and Japonica White Rice. A major portion of rice exports from Pakistan comprises IRRI 6 / IRRI6 White Rice. 

Top Destination as per Country for Non-Basmati Rice

Below graphs showcase the major rice importing countries from the four top rice exporting countries. This helps to understand the major rice export for non-basmati rice across the world.

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